Having the skills needed to complete a job is necessary. However, even more important is first getting the job offer. Your ability to sell yourself, your experience, and your skills is a direct factor between getting an offer and getting a rejection letter. While some students are naturally gifted in job-hunting, most students are not adequately prepared or educated for the job-hunting and candidacy process, especially those who are seeking a career change. That’s why we’ve created a set of career packages to help our students with all stages of the job-hunting process. From formulating a job search plan and editing your resume, to negotiating employment terms, our new career packages are designed to give you the training, knowledge, and confidence to maximize your job-hunting opportunities.

The USA LaoTu Career Packages consist of five packages personally designed with a specific focus to further train and support students in the job search process after completing our courses. Each package is specially designed to maximize our students’ effectiveness and ability to advance his/her career.



Stay tuned for the last three career packages.