Job Talk: 3 Questions you can ask during a job interview

Your top goal for a job interview is sell yourself to win a job offer, or win next round of interview.
During the interview process, after they asked you all their questions, very often, interviewer may ask you “Do you have any questions?”

To focus on your top goal, remember using the chance of asking questions to sell your self.
One of the question you can ask is: What are the qualifications you are looking for to fill this position?After interviewer list those qualifications, you can answer: This is me!

Your second goal for a job interview is try to get more information about the company, try to know more about the management style of your new boss, to see whether you would like to work with this kind of boss or not.
The second question you can ask during a interview with a manager is: Would you please let me know you judge the performance of your team members?

After you get a clear answer from the manager,  no matter what, if you want to win the job, you will say: Thank you for let me know. I will try my best to become a top performer in your team.

In any interview, in the end, you should always remember to ask: What will be the next step?
Usually they will tell you to wait for a phone call or a email.

After interview, remember write a thanks email to interviewer directly, or through a recruiter.

Good luck!